Care Tips for a Bangalow Palm



For best results, Bangalow palms need regular deep watering in dry weather, especially during the warmer months.  Keep moist and not saturated i.e. provide good drainage.



Fertilize with Blood & Bone, Paton Palm Food or pelleted Poultry Manure during the active growth period. 

Don’t over-fertilize
. Use smaller amounts more frequently.


Excellent growing is achieved using a controlled release fertiliser (Paton, Osmocote or similar) which is only active from 21°c upwards.  The hotter the ambient temperature, the more fertiliser it releases.


“Seasol” dilated with water, as instructed on bottle, is a fabulous additive to encourage new root growth.



Bangalow palms generally need no pruning, as old dead fronds normally fall off cleanly when they are ready. 


"Plant plenty of Palms and help save our Planet"

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