Planting tips for a Bangalow PalmCaloundrareduced



Bangalow palms grow best in warm areas.  They also grow in the tropics and with shelter, can grow in some cooler zones with much reduced growth per year.


Ideal for planting around swimming pools, side fences, and any place where you want to create a mood to soothe senses.  Few plants can create a tropical ambience more effectively than a carefully chosen palm. Bangalow palms can tolerate full sun when mature but like some shade when young.




Bangalow palms look especially good when they are planted in small groups (e.g. 3) using palms of differing heights.


Bangalow palms transfer readily from pot to ground during warmer weather, during early Spring to late Summer.  If possible avoid transferring during the colder months. Plant in sandy soil for good drainage and mix with compost or potting mix. Give plants plenty of water for the first few weeks. Taller palms in windy locations may also need ropes to stabilise them until their root system is established.


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